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With over 57 years of combined successful experience, South Florida Global Real Estate (SFGRE) has created value for real estate owners and investors by formulating strategic plans tailored to each individual clients’ financial goals and well-being.


Widely recognized as the  premier South Florida boutique Real-Estate-Brokerage firm, SFGRE has gradually expanded its professional operations to include, in addition to its original residential sales and leasing activities, the areas of loss mitigation services, and commercial property management, sales and leasing, as well as a multitude of other related professional services.

We are fully confident that no other professional firm in South Florida can possibly offer you greater depth of experience, or a broader and better-coordinated variety of experience and professional skills. As your trusted advisor, we recognize that our sole fiduciary responsibility is to protect your economic interests.

In addition to our unique and exclusive database of buyers, sellers, and properties, our relationships with our brokerage clients invariable help create powerful synergies which serve to facilitate the critical and artful matching of potential buyers with those properties which best suit their manifested financial interests.



Meeting clients’ real estate needs by providing skilled personalized service on a global scale utilizing a knowledgeable, talented and seasoned team of professionals offering innovative solutions to maximize the return on your real estate assets.  



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We understand our clients have specific real estate property types and needs in mind. Our team of sales associates are well qualified and experienced in the drastic market differentials throughout South Florida, including luxury, residential and distressed property sales.  We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve our objectives by leveraging our broad exclusive network and utilizing our unparalleled market knowledge.


Seller and Landlord Representation


Our mission when working with sellers and landlords is to provide the most comprehensive plan tailored to meet your end goals financially, and maximize your return as the property owner. 


We assist sellers and landlords in determining and enforcing the following key elements to the sale or lease of any property:


  1. Determine the price

  2. Define appropriate positioning of the property in today’s market.

  3. Determine and enforce the method of promotion utilizing the best real estate marketing tools as well as reaching out to an extensive network of qualified buyers and investors.

  4. Profile potential qualified buyers to promote a high probability of closing.

  5. Monitor and facilitate transaction from list date to close; an essential piece to successfully closing the deal. 


Buyer and Tenant Representation


SFGRE associates have access to thousands of properties currently on the market for sale and lease in South Florida.  Buyers and tenants will receive updates on newly listed properties as soon as they are placed on the market and also have first look at all properties in our inventory before they hit the open market.


All buyers are welcome to meet our financial planners and mortgage consultants to formulate for them financially in their next real estate purchase.  Our seasoned team prepare buyers on what the next steps are and also informs buyers of how to proceed with managing their finances during their search for a home.  There are essential points that every buyer should know prior to beginning their search for a home that, if not managed carefully, can jeopardize their chances of closing on a home once they have found what they are looking for. 


Our primary goal in Buyer/Tenant Representation is to ensure your next purchase or lease is a successful one.

Guiding Principles

All of our associates use the following principles as a foundation for how to conduct all business activities:

  • Perform to the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency and ethics.

  • Cultivate long-term relationships with investors, clients and team members.

  • Strive to achieve maximum investment performance for our clients.



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