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South Florida Global Properties is the commercial property management and leasing division of South Florida Global Real Estate, and provides property management, maintenance, and leasing services for a diverse portfolio of income producing commercial properties throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  South Florida Global Properties’ management and leasing skills are exclusive only to private clients as part of our real estate concierge services.


Strong Roots in the South Florida Commercial Real Estate Community


With over 30 years of commercial real estate market experience, the success of South Florida Global Properties managing commercial real estate in South Florida has been built upon establishing its roots within the local Miami-Dade and Broward County areas, and the development and establishment of longstanding relationships with landlords, tenants, vendors, brokers, bankers, lenders, and local governmental officials.


By cultivating and fostering these relationships, South Florida Global Properties is able to proactively respond to the ever-changing events within the local and national commercial real estate market, and continually provide professional advice and client centric services utilizing cost-effective, proven methods.


Services Provided

Our ultimate goal is to preserve and add value to properties while generating tenant satisfaction through capital improvements, timely service calls and a team of highly-trained, dedicated professionals. Our management team is dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment by increasing occupancy and retention while minimizing costs.


We are qualified to handle tenant build outs, issues with zoning, permitting, and overall county regulations, and we have a sterling reputation for providing meticulous financial statements with detailed tracking of all income and expense streams.  This includes detailed financials, forecast models, market studies, marketing materials, and a variety of industry specific material.  We give you, the property owner, the best tools available so that you can make sound decisions you can confidently stand behind.   


In addition to our property management services, we understand the need to increase and maintain a high occupancy rate and have a team of dedicated leasing agents ready to assist in the analysis and marketing of your vacant space. Please click here to learn more about our commercial leasing services. (Link to commercial leasing.)



We coordinate all maintenance issues including repairs and preventive care for our commercial buildings/centers. Our goal is to discover problems in the early stages before they become more expensive in the long term. Weekly inspections are routine and ensure that we have a firm handle on any necessary repairs and scheduled maintenance contracts.


Depending on the repairs needed, we provide owners with competing quotes from qualified licensed and insured companies.   All vendors hired directly by our firm have to meet specific qualifying criteria in order to make our vendor list.  It is through these quality controls that we are able to most effectively ensure that your property will be appropriately cared for and increase the longevity of your real estate investment.

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